Sunday, 19 December 2010

December Daily (Catch Up)

Day 19

The second page shows some of the ornaments, collected over the years,  that come out year after year. 
Top left is the exception to that statement as it's Alice's first ornament; Top right: material hearts I made a number of years ago; Middle row: glass ornaments bought at the same time; Bottom Left: little Bichon Frise ornament my Mum bought when we got our Bichons. Bottom right: a little wooden ornament I bought in Denmark in 1984.

Day 18

Clockwise from top left: Emily holding her Advent calendar chocolate for the day; Presents starting to get wrapped and the bottom two show the difference in the height of the snow in a one hour period.

Day 17

Day 17's photos are of Alice because I couldn't find a cuter subject ;)

Day 16
Day 15

Clockwise from Top Left: Brighton sea front; Mary and Alice; Brighton sea front in the opposite direction; Jon feeds Alice; Emily and Mary's cat, Roxy.

Day 14

Clockwise from Top Left: Hugh holding Alice; ditto; Emily still off school; Alice in her (very) pink chair; some of Claire's wrapped presents.

Whew! Now to keep up for the next week and I'll be very happy!
Hope you've had a great weekend.


  1. It's great to see all the pages together ~ the digi really does add to the feeling of continuity, but, for me, it's still the dark side!
    Funnily enough, I did ornaments today, too!

  2. Some great photos, how you've pictured the ornaments.
    We enjoyed a walk along Brighton seafront not long ago as well.

  3. You're doing such a great job of keeping up. I'm way behind but do have several pages I need to post!

  4. Awesome. Fabulous. Bravo, Rhona! I love seeing your photos put together in this format. I'm going to be sad to see December end...well...kind of. ;o)

  5. I think I've all understand in your journaling !! Incredible !
    I really find your DD so nice.
    Photos are so cute & feel the real life ! I love your DD

  6. These are so lovely Rhona, it's a wonderful project - lucky Alice, to have these pages to look back on as a record of her first Christmas! xx