Monday, 28 February 2011

Video of Alice

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I'd taken some video of Alice using my Canon 60D but didn't know how to edit and upload it. Well, this afternoon I've been playing in ZoomBrowser EX and it looks like I may have managed to change it to an acceptable file format and hopefully you'll be able to see this.  Video is a whole new ball game for me so they are likely to be very basic but at least they'll add something a bit different to my blog.



  1. What a lovelt video,Rhona....and it worked perfectly.

  2. She's quite a smiler, isn't she? Just lovely Rhona.

  3. Oh no! Can't see video on the iPhone. Will fire up the laptop later to have a look.

  4. :o)!!! I love this, Rhona! I'm smiling after watching your sweet little cherub of a grand-daughter. She looks so healthy and happy.

    And is that you that I hear talking in the background? I had to laugh at myself because my first thought is that you sound like Mary Poppins. ~sigh~ I know, it's a very American thing to say.

    Anyway, the video is delightful and I'm going to watch it again...

  5. Have now managed to see the video on the Mac. She is absolutely gorgeous. What a fab giggle!!

  6. I just beamed my way through this video! What a sweetheart she is, and it's clear how much she's loved by you all :-)