Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Post and Spring Flowers

Today I received my Team Teal wristband to wear in honour of Deb's Mum, Marti, who has cancer.  I am proud to have been chosen as one of the people who have received the band and will be wearing it daily. Marti, I hope you know we are all thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers as you fight your battle against cancer. xx

I received my copy of Ideal Home magazine in the post earlier this week and this little notebook came as a free gift - how cute is that!  I've been using it today as I start jotting down ideas for a project I'm thinking of doing. More about that in another post, one day. ;o)   Let's just say Etsy may be involved at some stage!
 We've had some lovely weather over the last few days and while the sun was out our tulips started to open. I had just brought in the washing one evening when I saw them again and decided to take a few photos. These two are my favourites.
I have been told by Emily that she expects a mention on my blog today as, at school, they had their inter-form netball tournament and Emily's form/class came 2nd out of 9 classes - well done Yr 9PHZ!

Now I need to go and feed the animals (I'm half an hour late!) and make a start on dinner.
Oh! Remember that clean desk I showed you the other day? Hmm, not so clean any more :o(  I wish I was more organised/tidier ;o)



  1. Gorgeous tulips Rhona and congrats to Emily on her netball triumph.

    I am proud to be a member of Team Teal too. xxx

  2. :o) Thanks so much for mentioning Team Teal and my mom on your blog, Rhona! It means so much to me, and I know my mom will be pleased too!!! ♥

    Hooray for spring flowers and CONGRATS to Emily! Well done! xo

  3. PS: The photo you posted of the teal bracelet is awesome, Rhona!!! xo

  4. Rhona, I'm honored to have you as a member of Team Teal! The support I'm receiving from you and Deb's other blog mates is amazing and I appreciate you so much! Really gives me a "can do" attitude!

    Marti - Mom to Deb@PaperTurtle

  5. Oh, and your tulips are gorgeous! Ah, spring! xo

  6. Gorgeous tulips, mine aren't quite out yet. I have daffodils and hyacinths brightening up the front of our house.

  7. Great photos! I love the way you've photographed the bracelet, and the tulips are so beautiful.

  8. I have just this minute received my bracelet too, wasn't it packaged so beautifully?

  9. I'm wearing my bracelet as I type this :-) I photographed it too, but my photo isn't as amazing as yours, love the perspective and depth of field you've achieved! xx