Thursday, 17 March 2011

This week

Alice is 17 weeks today or 4 calendar months tomorrow.
 She started on solids on Monday and although she wasn't that keen on just baby rice, she seemed to really enjoy the baby rice mixed with stewed apples that she had on Tuesday (when these photos were taken)
 The time is going so quickly but it's lovely to see all the milestones happening.

 By this stage she had her mouth open waiting for the next spoonful and got quite excited about it :)
Daddy also got a chance to feed her some of her food.
I've :
Been doing a bit more sewing on Alice's quilt; 
Started a new log cabin block where you quilt as you go
Been doing some knitting (a 9 - 12 month cardigan - might take me that long to finish :) )
Been moving the kitchen around a bit (or rather Craig has) and had a new drawer unit fitted after our old one collapsed.
Been helping my parents with Skype and chatting to Norma in SA. And today, I got to speak to Amy on Skype as she happened to be on line when I got to my computer this morning. Thank you for the chat Amy, so nice to be able to see you and hear you talking.

I hope you've had a good week so far too - whatever you've been doing. :)


  1. It was lovely to see Alice Rose today/last night for me, she is a gorgeous little girl!
    Skype is a wonderful thing indeed, let's do it again one day :-)

  2. The time goes so quickly with babies, doesn't it.I can hardly believe little A is now 6 months old and crawling around!!
    Looks like Alice is really enjoying her first forays into 'real' food.

  3. I'm always glad to see new photos of Alice Rose. Tracy says I have Skype account, but I've never tried to use it myself. We do use it on holidays to share our celebrations with relatives in Arizona. I do like the face to face feature on iPhone. So much fun to see Sarah as I talk to her.

  4. Feeding them at that age is always such a pleasure isn't it? Stewed pear was always the top favourite in our house.

  5. I had a lovely chat with Amy this week myself :-)

    I can't believe Alice Rose is starting solids already!! Gosh, time flies....