Friday, 29 April 2011

For Marti

Marti is Deb's (Paper Turtle) Mum and today is her birthday, so I'm going to start by wishing Marti a very 
Marti was diagnosed with Cancer in February this year.  As part of a support network, Deb asked for people who might be interested in wearing the teal Cancer wristband and become part of Team Teal! I was lucky enough to receive one and have been wearing it in Marti's honour.

Many of us have been touched by Cancer; some will have had it themselves, others will know someone who has had it or is going through it. I personally know a number of people who have had cancer and know how strong you have to stay to fight the disease. Marti, I'm on your side - you and your family are in our thoughts and in our daily prayers. Stay strong and have a wonderful birthday :-)



  1. Rhona,
    Beautiful post and awesome picture.

  2. Lovely post Rhona. Love that you chose to have the word courage facing the camera for the photo.

  3. Hi Rhona ~ Just got home from celebrating our niece's wedding and saw your post. Thank you so much for this awesome post in honor of my mom!!! I appreciate it so much, and I know she will too.

    PS: LOVE the photo! xo

  4. Yes Rhona, this is indeed a beautiful post :-)

  5. Beautiful Rhona. Let's hope Marti felt really uplifted, eh?

  6. Uplifted? How about over the top overwhelmed?!! Thanks, Rhona and Sian, you were right on the money! xo

  7. Great post! Glad to have you as part of Team Teal! :)

  8. So fun to be a part of this "team"! Nice post.