Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Amy's template

While catching up on blog reading yesterday, I saw Amy's post asking who wanted to join in in scrapbooking the present, this week, no matter how trivial. Although mine isn't a story about something that happened, it is about Alice now and what she's doing.

First page I've scrapped in a while - thank you Amy for getting me scrapping again :)
PS Looking at this on the blog everything looks crooked but it's not IRL :( 


  1. Excellent! I am so pleased you have played along - did you also want to have me share this next Wednesday with all of the others?

    And, it is great to see you are back with a healthy computer again - has Alice possibly grown more since you were away? :-)

  2. A very lovely LO for such a cute young lady.

  3. LOVE the layout, Rhona. Glad to see you are participating in Amy's challenge. I need to get with it and do one myself! xo