Friday, 20 May 2011


This morning, as I went outside to take our next door neighbour's little girl a present for her first birthday, Mac was making quite a bit of noise down next to Hugh's car. When I looked over to see what he was miaowing about I could see he had a bird in his mouth! That's the only problem with this time of year, young birds who aren't very good at flying become fairly easy prey for the cats in the neighbourhood :(  Normally we wouldn't worry about Mac catching them, as he tends to be a bit slow, but today he proved he can catch them as well as his sister - who is much faster!

Anyway, back to the story.  I managed to shoo Mac away from the bird and called to Claire to grab me something to put the bird in. The only thing she could find was a milk formula box so, with the box behind it and my iPhone in front of it, I managed to ease the bird into the box. It didn't look hurt (I think Mac was still playing with it) and it soon calmed down once it was in the box. I made a couple of phone calls and it was agreed that the best thing to do was try and put it back close to where he had got it. Once Mac was fast asleep on the chair, I took the bird out to the trees at the back of our house and set the box down next to a hold in the fence. It jumped onto the lid and hopped down, slipped through the hole in the fence and fluttered into the bushes. I hope it survives now and escapes the other preditors in the area. 


  1.'s so nice that you rescued it! I hope it escapes the others too!

  2. I love your heart.
    What a sweet thing to do.
    Good luck dear birdie!