Sunday, 12 June 2011

Another week

At the moment it looks like one post a week is about all I can manage. Life is busy and this week has been no exception. 
However, on Wednesday Alyssa came over to play with Alice while her Mummy took her big brother to see his new school. We hadn't been sure how she'd be but she was absolutely fine. It's so sweet seeing the two of them together and knowing that in another year or so they'll be able to play properly :)
Claire brought out loads of Alice's toys, so there was plenty to go around.
Alice just loves other children so she was in her element.
I've been slowly trying to work through things on my To Do list. When we changed the kitchen around I ended up with holes in the wall where the cupboards had been. I had filled them and sanded them and then tried a couple of tester pots on the wall (which I didn't like) then that's how it stayed. I finally painted over the sample patches and today bought a new roller so painting can be completed and the photo frame, that the children got me for my birthday, can be hung up.

That photo frame was another of my projects. It has space for 16 4x6 photos and I have finally chosen the ones going in it for now. I see it as a frame where the photos can be swopped around as and when I fancy, so it could well remain a work in progress!

My Project Life layouts had got a bit behind and I keep forgetting to take photos but, today, I sorted myself out and it's up to date again. I've had to think a bit about how I wanted this to work and for now I want it to be an overall picture of each week. I've let go of the idea that I have to have a photo from each day so now, for some weeks, there may be numerous photos from one day if that's what I want to remember - Cambridge was a good example of one of those weeks. I'm happier now and I've  also made a 6x4 journalling card where I can type everything up in one go and be done with it. It's a work in progress and I won't be surprised if I change things again but, for me, the important thing is to try and stay up to date. No photos of the recent pages as the lighting isn't good for taking photos. I'll try and do that soon.
Finally, I'll end with a photo of  Alice and Emily (taken before Emily went to school). It's not a brilliant shot but the look on Alice's face is just typical of what she's like at the moment - with the little tongue ready to stick out :)


  1. I think Alice is one happy baby. So good she enjoys having other children around - you're own sweet, social butterfly!

    Good for you for working on your projects. Seems for me the hardest part is always getting started...BTW, Emily is a cutie also.

  2. Love seeing Alyssa and Alice together; what adorable little girls! I'm very understanding of your projects. I need to edit our vacation photos so I can finish the travel album before it gets too far in the past! Time is flying by!

  3. I find it's just impossible to keep on top of everything....I'm afraid for me....the art journaling has had to be put on the back burner for now.

  4. Oh my gosh, Rhona, the sweet and happy look on Alice's face as she played with Alyssa is priceless. She is just so cute and happy!

    I like your attitude about the project life bit. I tried to keep up with 365 and ended up with tons of photos on a particular day, and none for others. I decided it was ok to just go with that, and plan to upload 365 of them at the end of the year and have them printed in a book. They won't necessarily be from one-a-day, but a collection of my favorites for 2011.

    It was fun catching up over here this morning. I'll be glad when things calm down a bit in my life and I can spend more time reading my lovely blog friend's posts! xo

  5. Aww.... Such a cutie! It sounds like you've got Project Life sussed so it works for you - and it also sounds like you've got your priorities right at the moment :)