Friday, 29 July 2011

Norma's son

Norma's son, Kyle, has lived in the UK for the last 10 years, so while she's over she tries to see Kyle and his girlfriend, Emma, whenever she can. This year they had taken a few days off and we got to see quite a lot of them. 
 These first photos were taken in Kyle and Emma's garden when we went round for afternoon tea one day.
 Kyle is Norma's eldest son - her other two sons, Ciaran and Caelen, still live in South Africa at the moment.

 We also went round to Kyle and Emma's for Kyle's birthday on the 9th.  He had decided to have a braai/bbq and was relieved that the weather held out for him :)
 Opening presents
 Mum came with us but Dad stayed at home as he hadn't been feeling well that day.
 Craig, Claire and Alice
 Alice enjoyed the breadsticks that were put out

 Her t-shirt was quite appropriate as it said "Daddy's little sweetheart"
This was taken round at our house on a different day when we had Mum & Dad and Kyle & Emma round for a braai/bbq.

Still working through the photos so there should be more to come :)

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  1. Sweet Alice is a Party Girl.
    She doesn't miss much when there's a party involved. Great photos of the family.