Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Trip to Oxford (Part 3)

Christ Church College

After our tour on the open top bus, our final stop in Oxford was a visit to Christ Church College. It's difficult to put into words what this college was like - it is absolutely stunning! You can feel how old the buildings are and you can't help but think of all the famous people who have studied there and walked those halls (including Robert Peel, William Gladstone, David Dimbleby, Rowan Williams and Richard Curtis).  I hope that the photos below give you a sense of what it is like.
Walking in the lower gates, this is the view - absolutely beautiful!
Like a picture postcard :)

Norma and Emily at the fountain

The Cathedral is truely magnificent and I could have spent longer looking around.

Detail on the ceiling
One of the stained glass windows
The rose window
Emily taking a few final photos before we left
Out the gates and back into the centre of Oxford and time to find our bus stop again.
And this photo is for Norma who loved taking photos of bikes leaning against walls.

We thoroughly enjoyed our couple of days in Oxford and took far more photos than those shown here ;-).  I think the next place Emily and I would like to visit is Bath. Not sure that it's going to happen these holidays as Claire goes back to work soon and I'll be looking after Alice.  Might be one to think about for October holidays??


  1. Hi Rhona, I've loved this series of posts - what a fantastic tour I have had without leaving my computer desk!
    It's great to see you back by the way : )

  2. I have loved your posts about Oxford - I so want to go there now after looking at your beautiful photos.

  3. Hi Rhona,
    It all looks so professional - I love the way you have set it out and your photos are great. I must look at mine and do something with them. Thanks for the bike, love it - I did laugh when I saw it. It was such fun - wish we could go back. Never mind, when I am over......
    Lots of love Norma xxxx

  4. Wow! I've loved seeing these photos, Rhona. How lovely that the day was a bit overcast because your photos are even more amazing. The cathedral was stunning...I totally want to go to Oxford after seeing all your photos!!! Thanks for taking us along with you through your pictures. xo

  5. Oh my goodness, that place is GORGEOUS! I think I have a new goal in life - to attend school there! :)