Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First day back at school

Yesterday was Emily's first day back at school and the start of her GCSE years. She was a bit nervous going back but had had a good day and had lots to tell when she got home.

In the meantime, I got stuck in in her bedroom trying to pack and sort stuff in preparation for her room makeover. We're going to paint the walls and get some new furniture and, hopefully, put down carpet as the laminate flooring makes the room very cold in winter. I hadn't finished by the time she got home but then had other things to do, so it got left.  I won't get much done today because Alice is here but will hopefully have cleared it by Thursday, ready for painting next week :) 

The house doesn't know what's hit it in the last few weeks ;) I think I must be having an Autumn clean instead of a Spring clean.


  1. I love back-to-school photos! Did I mention that I'm now the mother of a school boy ...

  2. Best of luck for the new school year! Is it really a year since the last time we said that?

  3. What a cute back-to-school photo! The kids started today at my "old" district and I feel so bad for the moms who want good photos as it is really raining here!

    We're about to start a bedroom painting project, too. With all that's going on with the kitchen, it may be a crazy idea, but I want it done before the kids come home in October. I have a new quilt and rug for the room. I'm still hunting for curtains.