Wednesday, 12 October 2011

5 minutes with Alice

I know it's been a while and there has been a lot going on but, to be honest, I've lost my blogging mojo. I mean to sit down and post something but life is busy and often gets in the way ;-). I'm going to try and improve (but then I also need to remember to take my camera with me and take photos). For now though, here are a few photos taken in 5 minutes while Alice was here. She is on the go all the time and is the sweetest little girl :)
 She finally started crawling properly a few weeks ago and has got really fast at it too!
 Walkers come in handy for pulling yourself up on and then walking while pushing them ;)
 Back down and what to do next?
 A quick game on the iPad
 Not so happy when she closes the cover and the game disappears though!  At this stage she realised I was taking photos and crawled over to see what shots I'd managed to capture - she loves looking at the photos on the screen on the back of the camera, especially when there's a baby she can wave to :)

And finally a couple of photos from the garden.
 Our rose has a few blooms on it again. I love this yellow rose and the scent is wonderful.
This was taken just before the strong winds blew most of the leaves off the acer. We've had such a beautiful display of colour on it this year.

In the evenings I have been doing some of my log cabin quilt. I think I have about another 14 squares to go and then the joining up begins. Once I get to this stage it will look more interesting and I'll be able to post some photos.

But now, I'm off to get ready to go and pick Alice up for our next day of fun together.


  1. Goodness! She's grown so much, and still is so adorably happy! Your yellow rose is lovely. We had a few late bloomers in September, but all are gone now.

  2. So enjoy your Alice photos!! She is such a cutie. :)

    Beautiful shots of your garden, too. Our trees are changing color quickly and if we have much more wind they'll be bare soon

  3. Aw, so fun to see some updated photos of your sweet little Alice. She is definitely getting around, isn't she? A busy baby makes for a busy wonder you don't have much time for blogging.

    Can't wait to see your quilt! :o) xo

  4. Sweet Alice is growing and on-the-move. Just think of all the calories you're burning following her around!! That beautiful yellow rose is almost (but not quite) as pretty as your Alice. Love it!!

  5. She's gotten so big! This is such a fun stage :) But then, aren't they all?!

  6. It is so lovely to see this update from you Rhona, Alice has grown so much!

  7. Blogging mojo's come and go, and everyone excepts that. Sometimes you just get blogged out and need time away.