Friday, 25 November 2011

Lily Isabelle

Earlier this morning we became grandparents again. Lily Isabelle was born to Jon's daughter Michelle and her husband Matthew and weighed in at 10lb 4oz.  Lily will be a little sister for Josh (9) and I just know he's going to be such a good big brother to her.  We're excited to get to see all the family and to meet Lily soon. 

At this stage I don't have any photos but you can bet as soon as I have, I'll post one here :)   *Photo now added :)

Huge congratulations to Michelle and Matthew. Well done, Michelle, we're really proud of you, time to now enjoy cuddles with your new daugher :)



  1. Congratulations Rhona and what a beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

  2. Yes, I agree, she has a beautiful name! Congratulations to you all :-)

  3. Congratulations to everyone!

  4. Congratulations! And I also love her name--beautiful baby!

  5. :o)!!! Congratulations to you and your family, Rhona!!! What a sweet little Christmas bundle she is, and her name is so beautiful too. ♥