Thursday, 19 January 2012


This morning started out grey and damp and, although we had a brief spell of sunshine somewhere in the middle, it's ending grey and damp as well.

Taken this evening with the street lamp showing the wet patio and bench

However, the damp weather certainly didn't dampen my spirits!  As Thursday is one of my "days off" (ie. I don't have Alice that day), I was going to make the most of it. I popped to Waitrose first thing for a few bits I'd forgotten on my weekly shop before heading to Cafe Nero for coffee with a few friends. After that I met up with another friend for a long catch up chat and it was close to 2 o'clock by the time I got home again.
Coming back to my ironing all done is a wonderful feeling - empty wash baskets :o) = Bliss!

This afternoon I caught up on some blog reading and watched a couple of video tutorials. I have a question for the UK ladies who read my blog - where do you buy your scrapbook supplies from?  Do you have a local craft store you go to or do you buy online?  If you buy online, who do you find has the best selection of supplies?  I think the problem with reading American blogs (in the nicest possible way ;o) ) is seeing all the wonderful products they have but it's so difficult to find them here and if you buy from the US, the postage is so high. So I'm curious about where you shop. 



  1. The Boy Child and I got drenched on the way to school this morning :(
    I get my stuff mostly from Sarah's Cards and Papermaze. I hardly buy patterned paper because I have so much of it already! My DD kit came from the States, flat rate for International at $17.50, which I thought was okay. Am waiting on a small packet from and the postage there was much more expensive. Dispite living in London, I don't have any local stores or none that I can find!

  2. I don't have a local craft store...The Craft Barn is my nearest decent I tend to buy mainly at craft exhibitions like the scrapbooking one at Ally Pally....and I'm off to the Creative Crafts Show at Bluewater next between shows I do do some shopping online...I like The Glitter Pot,Craft Emporium and Quixotic Paperie....I do buy some craft supplies on Ebay....though not papers. You do need to check the p+p charges when buying online though....The Craft Barn and Craftsulove both have frequent free p+p weeks.

  3. Do you find you are highly productive on the days Alice is not with you?

    As for supplies, I'm going completely digi now and if I want cardstock I buy it online.

    Postage out of Australia to the US and the UK is shocking ... if I buy from the US I almost need to remortgage the house!