Thursday, 26 January 2012


I'm trying to work my way around the house tidying and clearing/getting rid of the stuff we no longer need or use. Today I made a start in my work area. This shot was taken after quite a big clear up (you wouldn't have wanted to see a "before" shot!). I've cleared some more since but I've come to the conclusion that, with a laptop, Silhouette and hard drive on my desk, there's not much room left over for creating scrapbook pages. I guess it's lucky I'm next to the kitchen and can use the table in there or, as is more likely the case, the worktops. If I had chosen a word for this year, I think it should have been organised! That's what I need to become and that's what I need our house to be. Something I'll need to work on this year!


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  1. Love your red laptop. I don't know if it helps, but I keep my Silhouette right under my desk and put it up when I need it.