Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 3

Yesterday we woke to very strong blustery winds and heavy squally rain. Looking outside we could see that a large section of the covering on the roof of the shed had been blown off but fortunately nothing worse than that. Mum phoned shortly afterwards to say their side fence had blown down and they were trying to prop it up again. The afternoon was a bit brighter but still had heavy showers from time to time.

Yesterday afternoon also saw the Christmas tree and decorations come down and be packed away. With Emily going back to school tomorrow, it felt like the right time to pack away the Christmas things. On with the new year now :)



  1. The weather was shocking yesterday, wasn't it!

  2. Sorry to hear your weather has been so awful. We are melting here. I have the fan blowing at my back because it is so hot. Have already been for a swim. Check out my new blog I decided to start fresh from today with a totally new blog which I plan to update on a regular basis. I need to ask your advice on a few things. Let me know when you go online and we'll chat on Skype. Bye for now xx