Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 4

 Yesterday was Emily's first day back at school in the new year. And yes, the sky really was that colour! The photo was taken as Emily was leaving for school, just before 8am.

And I can't resist posting this photo that Claire posted (as her photo for the day) on Facebook yesterday morning. This was Alice with amazing bed head hair when she woke up :o)
Too cute!!  Thanks Claire :o)

And finally, thank you to everyone who visited Norma's blog yesterday, she got a lovely surprise when she saw all the comments!



  1. When I look at Alice's photo it brings a big smile to my face. She is too precious. I have just downloaded todays photos. Been at school the whole day. You will have to read my blog now to see what I have been doing. going to get started now. Watch the space in about an hours time - provided there are no interruptions. Got Jason Mraz on my ipod - all amped up to get going!!!

  2. can you look at that picture of Alice and NOT smile?! She is such a cutie!

    And the sky's color is amazing - we don't see many skies like that in Arizona!