Monday, 16 January 2012

Our first walk

One of the things I've been looking forward to is going for little walks in the neighbourhood with Alice. Today we had our first little walk.

 We didn't go far. I didn't know how far Alice would be able to walk before getting tired and I didn't want to end up having to carry her long distances to get home again ;o).
 We walked to the end of our road, up a small hill and then she had a short carry until we got to the top of our path again before she walked back round and home. She enjoyed stopping to look at little rocks and stones and the twig in the photo above must have been quite tasty ;o).  The only thing I hadn't thought through was how I was expecting to take photos on this walk while holding Alice's hand or reins and keeping her upright when she wobbled!  These two photos were all I got, one near the beginning of the walk and the other when we got home :o)
 Once inside again Stripey Horse got some attention (she likes the Stripey Horse books too)
and not long after, the postman arrived with her new peg hammer bench. I'm quite impressed with this one - it's sturdy, the pegs aren't too stiff to hammer and the hammer is a nice size.  It may be a little while before she's got the hang of it but she enjoyed pushing the pegs and playing with the hammer for now.

Alice has been asleep for about an hour now and soon I'll have to go and pick up Claire and then take Cloud to the Vets (for a nasty absess :o(  )



  1. She's looking so grown up in that second photo,Rhona....going for walks is much more fun as a grandparent..... you aren't in a hurry!!

  2. It's surprising how long 'little' walks can take especially when there are so many things for a little one to see and touch, oh, and taste. xxx

  3. It won't be long before she is running!

  4. The pictures you got are adorable. Her little, sweet, pudgy, feet are oh-so-precious.

  5. You have brought back lovely memories for me - I can well remember the triumphant feeling of a walk to the paper shop at the corner and back! But you were clever enough to take pictures..

    Very cute they are, too