Monday, 2 January 2012

Photo a Day : Day 1

I'd been toying with the idea of doing Photo a Day again this year and seeing if I can actually make it the whole way through the year.  Perhaps if I look to post them on the blog I'll be better at keeping up? I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with the photos or how they'll be recorded or if they'll just be on my blog. I guess I've still got time to work that one out :)

For now, here's the first photo:

My Mum playing with Alyssa yesterday afternoon. We had a farewell tea for my brother, who is on his way to Australia as I type, and I had been going to use a photo of him for this post but somehow never actually took one of him. So, Mum playing with her second youngest great grandchild was my next choice. (Mum and Dad have six great grandchildren :) )



  1. Yay! Good luck with the photo a day project! I made it to March last year and then gave up! Ha! This year I am trying to post a photo on Instagram every day...not as hard to come up with but still something that challenges my creativity! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Good luck with it, Rhona.....and a lovely one to start it off.

  3. I said I would NEVER try this again, but I'm giving it another shot as well. I'm using my iPhone and an iPhone app to keep track, but I'm also saving them in a folder. Not sure how I'll share them on my blog, but I know blogging every day will never happen! Yours is a great start!

  4. This is an adorable photo. I'm starting my 4th year of a photo a day. I think I'm addicted. Looking forward to seeing your photos. :)

  5. I'm following along with a Photo365 project I found on UKS - having a prompt word each day is helping me stay on track (she said after 3 days lol)

    Happy New Year to you all!