Friday, 3 February 2012


Cloud is very well known at our vets.  You may think that's because we've been going regularly since I first mentioned the problem she's been having with abscesses, etc.  But no, the reason she's so well known at the vets is because she is so hyper every time we go there. The background story is that Cloud hates going in the car (which we do to get to the vets and the dog parlour) and by the time we get wherever we're going, she's worked herself into quite a state. However, that doesn't stop her from jumping out of the car and dragging me in her excitement to get into the surgery where she whimpers and pants, while alternating between hiding behind my legs or jumping up to put her paws on my lap.  And while all of the above is going on, she's still wagging her tail like mad!  The receptionists, vets and nurses (all women ;o) ) find this quite amusing and say she's one of the happiest dogs that comes to visit them!

As for how she's getting on ... the wound on her side is healing better than any of us could have expected. They now don't think she'll need surgery as the skin is knitting together nicely and they'll review her case when we go again in a week's time.  She's now on her fourth lot of antibiotics and is likely to stay on them until they're happy that everything's cleared to their liking.

In the meantime, she now has a selection of three t-shirts to choose from - though I think this pink and white polka dot one is a favourite! ;o)



  1. Cloud is such a cute pooch! Thanks for the Happy Mail :)

  2. Poor Cloud! She is a cutie!

  3. I hope she is better soon as that Elizabethan Collar must be driving her mad!