Saturday, 18 February 2012

47, 48 & 49:365(+1)

It's been half term this past week and because I ended up not having Alice, I've been out and about a bit and haven't been on my computer as much. So now it's time for a quick catch up for 365(+1).

 On Thursday morning Jon and I had someone come round to write our Wills.  It's something we've been saying we need to do for years but had never got round to.  I feel so much better knowing that this has now been taken care of.
 Friday was my sister Kay's birthday and we were all invited round for afternoon tea at Theresa's (Kay's younger daughter). Alyssa had been asleep when we arrived but when she woke up she was in a lovely mood and wanted to have a cuddle with Nan/Kay.  We had a lovely afternoon just chatting and eating (too much ;o) ) Thanks Theresa and Kay for a delicious spread.
Claire and Alice are finally on the mend (after Alice's virus, Claire came down with a horrible head cold) and this afternoon they came round to spend some time with us.  I love this shot of my 3 girls - daughters Claire and Emily and granddaughter, Alice :o).  Might just end up in a frame somewhere!

So, that's me caught up for now.  I'd also like to say thank you for all the lovely comments about my log cabin quilt (post below).  I've so enjoyed making this quilt and can't wait to have it completed.  Deb (Paper Turtle), I'll send you an email shortly :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. I just can't get over how big Alyssa is! And just a cute as ever. And I agree that the photo of your three girls should be in a frame! It's lovely!!!

    Thanks for letting me know about the quilt. If it's too much to type out perhaps we could manage a Skype call so you can show me one day next week. :o)

    Either that or since you were going to type it, maybe a blog tutorial?

  2. Lovely photos, but I especially want to commend you on the will making. I so need to do this - I decide to do it, then start thinking do I actually have anything anybody wants? and I give up, which is not the right attitude I know.

  3. We finally had our wills rewritten last fall, and it was such a relief to have it done. Our children still had an appointed guardian on the old one! That last photo is definitely frame-worthy!