Sunday, 5 February 2012

The snow has arrived

I know I kept mentioning how mild our winter had been and that we needed some cold weather to kill off the bugs etc. etc.  Well, that cold weather has certainly arrived and yesterday morning when we woke the temperature was -7C.

We started getting some very light snow in the afternoon but yesterday evening it was coming down steadily and Jon called us up to the bedroom to have a look at it starting to settle on the ground.

 Taken at 7.45pm last night

 Taken at 11.45pm

By the time I was getting ready to go to bed it was about an inch thick and I took a couple more photos.

This morning when I woke up I knew we'd had a fairly decent snowfall before even getting out of bed.  It was quiet in a muffled way, with hardly any bird noise.
 These next photos were taken at 08.50am today :o)

 Love the trees with their snow blankets
 A little bit later and the neighbours children were having some fun in the snow

 You can see the depth of the snow on the table in this one -and look at all the little paw prints ;o)
Our back garden.

Emily was hoping we'd have more snow today and then perhaps she'd have a snow day tomorrow but the weather is not obliging at the moment and I have a feeling school will be open tomorrow.  Craig has offered to bring Claire and Alice round here tomorrow morning because I don't know if I'll get my car out (unless it clears a bit) and Claire will walk to work from here. 

I hate to admit that I am not one for going out for long walks in the snow, I much prefer to stay indoors - nice and warm - and look at it from here.  Speaking to Norma on Skype this morning she was saying it's been really  hot over in South Africa and they've had the aircon on to try and cool things down a bit.  I think I prefer what we've got here, at least we can add layers and sit under a blanket to keep warm but there's a limit to how much you can take off to try and cool down.

What's the weather like where you are today?



  1. We went out last night and came home pretty early (10.30pm) as there was already 4" snow on the ground. When my son left for his early morning weekend job at the airport at 4.40am there was about 6" - very pretty but tough to drive in. It is nice that it has come over a weekend isn't it, when the children can enjoy it all.

  2. We have snow here, about 4".

  3. The snow has REALLY arrived here as well.

  4. No snow in Eastleigh (down south!) we have rain, yay!!! lol

  5. We have about 6" here too. I couldn't even get the car out to go food shopping so we had to manage with what we already have in the fridge/freezer.

  6. Wonderful winter photos, Rhona! I love the progression of the ones from the start to the finish.

  7. Snowy photos are so magical ... I too really like seeing the progression through the day!

  8. Oooh that looks so chilly and pretty! We don't get any snow here, and it's been warm lately! I'm not looking forward to our very hot summer that is right around the corner.