Saturday, 17 March 2012

Photo a Day : 15 March 2012

Thursday was a glorious day here, beautiful clear blue sky and warm sunshine. I had a busy morning planned but after lunch decided to take Cloud out for a slightly longer walk. Can I just add at this point that it was warm enough for me to go out in just a sleeveless top, that's how warm it was!

My photo of the day was actually taken near the end of our walk as we got to the bottom of the road leading up to our road.  The Church tower can be seen for miles around and is one of my favourite landmarks in East Grinstead.

I took nearly 40 photos on this walk of ours but decided not to put them all on here ;o) Some of the ones I've chosen show Spring is here and others are just because I like them.

I love seeing vapour trails in a blue sky and they make me wonder where that plane is going and are the people on board going on holiday, a business trip or moving to live somewhere new? 

Having walked from one end of the main road through our estate to the top at the other side, you come across this house. It's so unusual, I'd love to get a chance to look around it some day.

If you turn right at the top of the road, you would walk to the top of the next hill and be in town. It takes me about 20 minutes to walk in to town from our house (unfortunately, it's all uphill on the way in but at least that means it's all downhill on the way home :o) )

Instead of heading in to town on Thursday we went left and down this little pathway, through the staggered "gates" and back down the hill towards home. 

More signs of Spring :o)

Now if only the weather had stayed like that instead of turning much cooler again for the weekend.  Still, it's nice to know it will be getting warmer soon.

PS Please excuse the layout of my blog posts at the moment, Blogger is telling me that it no longer works properly with Internet Explorer and I should change to Google Chrome.  Unfortunately, I had problems when I was on Google Chrome before which is why I changed back to IE.  :(  If anyone else has had this problem and has any suggestions, I'd love to hear.


  1. Ack, just lost me comment. I use both and flick between the two.

    Your cheerfully sunny photos are lovely. It's definitely not that warm here

  2. I loved seeing the photos of your walk, Rhona! Just lovely.

  3. I loved going on a walk with you! I use Safari so I'm no help at all.