Thursday, 22 March 2012

Photo a Day : 21 & 22 March 2012

Alice and I had a wonderful day yesterday. The weather was kind to us once again and we spent a lot of time in the garden playing in the sand pit and splashing in the water.  She had Hugh is stitches when she was splashing water all over herself but in the end we had to strip her down to her nappy because she was soaked through. She then needed to be towelled dry and put into something warm to warm her up again.  She's so much fun, I never knew having a grandchild would be like this :o)
However, while we were having all that fun, I didn't get one photo :o( so yesterday evening when I looked outside and saw these two cats sitting out on the step together I knew they'd have to be my photo for the day - don't you just love how thrilled they look about that ;o)
This afternoon, I was sitting outside having a coffee when Emily arrived home from school.  After changing out of her uniform she came out to join me and do some revision for a test she has tomorrow.

It looks like the warmer weather is going to last most of the weekend so I'm looking forward to more time spent outside. Hope you're having decent weather where you are too!



  1. Well done Emily. I wish Samuel was like that. He comes in, mutters hello and goes upstairs to his room and the X-Box and then moans at me when I get him back down to do homework and walk the dog!!

  2. Great photos, Rhona. Yeah, don't you just love the sideways ears when the cats aren't thrilled? LOL

  3. It's not warm enough here to sit out yet - so it's nice to be able to enjoy it from a distance

  4. Those cats look so much like my mom's cats - one orange and one black and grey! I bet Alice would make me laugh all day with her cute antics too! :)