Sunday, 8 April 2012

Photo a Day & Easter

A couple more photos for this week :)

 Friday  06 April 2012
I spent a large part of the day printing out my photos to bring Project Life up to date.  In the evening I made a start on writing out the journalling cards - still a few more weeks to go though!

Saturday  07 April 2012
My photo has something to do with Emily, which she has asked I don't post so I'm respecting her wishes.

Sunday  08 April 2012
Happy Easter :)
Last night before going to bed, I asked Emily if she wanted to do an Easter egg hunt or if I should just get the Easter bunny ;o) to leave them in a pile for her.  She chose the egg hunt!  I got up fairly early this morning to organize everything (didn't want to do it last night because of the animals) and then enjoyed watching Emily look for all the eggs.
I think the Easter bunny may have forgotten his/her ears :o)

Claire, Craig and Alice came round this afternoon after Alice had had her nap.  Claire had phoned in the morning to tell me how their egg hunt had gone and all I could hear in the background was Alice say "chocolate, chocolate!"
I think she was more than happy to have another egg hunt and the little basket I had found for her worked a treat! However, she was so fast at picking up the eggs and putting them in the basket that most of my photos are a blur :o(  These are the only ones that were salvageable.
The Lindt gold bunnies, big and small, were a big hit (the girl has good taste!)

Deciding which egg to eat :o)

From our house they were off to visit Craig's Mum, Nana and his grandparents. I have a feeling Alice will have enough chocolate to last a little while!  

I hope you have had a lovely Easter too.



  1. Love that Emily still wanted the hunt (that's what I would have picked too!), and Alice is such a sweetie! Glad you had a good Easter! :)

  2. Very cute photo of Emily and her bunny ears! I would have guessed she still wanted the egg hunt. Afraid my boys lucked out this year. Can't wait to have grandkids - just hope we live close by! Enjoy your break in Ireland. Will be thinking of you. Lots of love to the family xx

  3. A girl is never too old for bunny ears!
    Love the pictures of Alice, looks like she is a chocoholic in the making.

  4. Happy Easter Rhona and what a cute Easter bunny you have x

  5. I love that Emily still wanted the hunt! I remember a similar experience when we were on vacation over Easter break when the kids were teens. We hid the baskets, but our typical routine was a scavenger hunt. The kids said they'd go back to their rooms and wait until the hunt was organized. It took Tracy a while, but they were thrilled to go looking about for their baskets. I need to find some old photos and get this one down on a scrapbook page. Thanks for the inspiration!