Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Time Flies

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by at the moment.  The days seem to pass in a blur and at the moment I don't have much time to get on the computer - I haven't been reading blogs regularly or commenting very often at the moment.  All I can say is that I'm looking forward to when I can sit down and catch up with what everyone has been doing. 
 I had signed up for both Karen Russell and Katrina Kennedy's classes (which happened to be running at the same time!) but haven't really had a chance to do either.  Last week I made a point of downloading all the lessons to do at a later date - I certainly don't want to miss out either class.
 I also made a point of sitting down and watching all the Katrina's videos and now need to work out whether I can save them to watch later as well or not.
 Last Tuesday Claire had a midwife appointment and I popped round to the flat to look after Alice while she was out.  When Alice likes something at the moment she does a little wiggle and pumps her hands in the air and says WeeHee!! It's so cute and I'm so glad I caught her this time :) 
While talking about Claire and Alice, can you believe that Claire is now 30 weeks pregnant!! She'll be finishing work 3 weeks on Saturday and then the countdown will really begin. We're so excited to meet our new granddaughter - just hoping she doesn't make her appearance on Christmas Day ;)
 We've been going down to visit Dad each day, weather permitting (we've had some nasty fog for a few nights now). We had a meeting at the hospital last week and they were saying how pleased they are with Dad's progress and that he's quite determined to do as much as he can.  We will be meeting with them again a week on Thursday and they're hoping that he'll be ready to go home a week or two after that, providing he continues to make good progress.
 Iain has moved in with Mum for his last week here (he leaves to go to Australia on Sunday) and he's set up Dad's new laptop ready for when he comes home.  We took it down to the hospital on Saturday for Dad to see.  As you can see, the photo above is one I've journalled on for my Project Life album and pretty much says it all :)
 Claire and Alice came round on Sunday and Claire was telling me that it was National Apple Day.  I had actually bought Bramley apples to make an apple cake so it seemed like a good day to bake.  The cake was ready in time for me to take a slice down to the hospital for Dad to have with his coffee/tea. This cake never lasts long and was finished by the following afternoon.
And a final photo of Alice to end with.  I bought Cinderella a couple of weeks ago and she loves it!  Fortunately this is one DVD we all enjoy as we've watched it a few times over the last week ;) 


  1. Lovely to catch up with you, Rhona :) Gosh, 30 weeks already!! And Alice is looking so grown up, too :) I am so thrilled to hear that your Dad is doing well xx

  2. Delightful photos of Alice, and I can't believe that Claire is so far along in her pregnancy already! No wonder you haven't been able to keep up with blogs; you really have a lot on your plate. I'm keeping you and your dad in my prayers.

  3. It's amazing where the time goes. Great to catch up with you and I'm glad that your dad is doing well and could be home soon. Alice is still a wee cutie :0)

  4. Can't believe it's almost time for Alice to become a big sister.
    Lovely photos, the last one is my favourite, with the little out of focus furry face in the background and Alice engrossed in her dvd. Perfect.

  5. You're right, Rhona, time is just zipping by! Gosh, Alice is just getting so big and cuter by the day. And I always love seeing photos of your father. Just from his photos I can tell he is a kind and jovial soul. Here's wishing him continued progress!!! xo

  6. Rhona, you are a busy gal with lots of "life" all around you. Can't believe how much Alice has grown!!