Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Meeting Blog Friends

This past Sunday, a group of bloggers - some I knew and some I didn't - met up in London for lunch and to meet Deb and Carrie who are over from Arizona. 
As there was engineering work on the line out of East Grinstead, I drove to Haywards Heath and caught the train from there to Victoria Station.  At Victoria I met Jacky and we travelled by tube to High Street, Kensington.
The meal was held at Maggie Jones and when we got there Deb, Carrie, Alison were quick to greet us and it felt like the most natural thing to be there with them. Deb and Carrie are just as I thought they would be - warm and welcoming and wonderful :)  Alison's accent was a surprise as I knew she now lives in Spain but I didn't expect the Scottish accent!
Carrie and Deb

It wasn't too long before the others started arriving and there were 11 ladies in all. What a wonderful afternoon spent chatting and meeting in person.
Alison, Carrie, Deb and Ruth

Alison and Ruth

It was so good to finally get to meet Ruth too. Seems so silly that we live only an hour or so apart and haven't met before. We hope to rectify that by meeting up again soon for a coffee or lunch.

After a good three hours at the table, we finally made our way outside for a few photos before some went on to coffee and others made their way home (myself included).

What a wonderful place the blog world is that brings together people with similar interests.  I think the thing that got me most is that there were no awkward moments, it was just like meeting old friends (but this time in person).  Thank you to all the ladies for a most enjoyable afternoon :)

Deb and Carrie, looking forward to seeing you both on Friday :) 



  1. I agree - it was just like meeting old friends - and some new ones too! Lovely to meet you Rhona - it was such a wonderful afternoon :)

  2. It truly was a wonderful afternoon,Rhona....and it was great to finally meet you.

  3. I have loved seeing everyone's posts this week - all of the happy smiling faces ... I really can imagine the chatter!

  4. It's great looking around at everyone's blog posts since the weekend, what fun it has been to meet blog friends in real life!

  5. Everything you've written is so true ~ and what a fabulous time we all had! So looking forward to having lunch with you very soon!

  6. I've had a lot of fun reading all the happy posts and admiring the pictures..I started off feeling so sorry I hadn't been there, but all the photos have helped a lot. I'm so glad such a lovely time was had by all.

  7. Managed to catch up with you at last, Rhona...and have started following you properly! It was great to meet you on Sunday, and I really DO hope we can do it again some time!
    Alison xx

  8. It certainly was a lovely day and it was really lovely to meet you Rhona xx

  9. Hi Rhona ~ Carrie and I are home, safe and sound and exhausted, but I'm making my rounds this afternoon to properly comment on the posts I couldn't comment on via my phone last week.

    I LOVED our lunch with blog friends last Sunday - the whole experience was just as I'd imagined it would be: wonderful. You're right, there really was NO awkwardness, only pure excitment over finally meeting true friends face to face.

    And Carrie and I really enjoyed our time spent in your lovely town and in your home. Thanks again for your gracious hospitality!

  10. It was so much fun! I'm so glad we had some extra time to chat on Friday too...I am feeling really bummed that we live so far apart! You need to come visit AZ now! :)