Friday, 5 April 2013

Clean and Simple

After being undecided about whether to sign up for Cathy's latest class over at Big Picture Classes, a money off code in my emails this morning tipped the balance and I signed up. This afternoon I went through the course work and this evening I put the layout together. As I knew Cathy's instructions are clear and easy to follow. I had a couple of hiccups but after leaving a comment on the message board, she got back to me really quickly and I was back on track.

This is the first layout I've made in a very long time - it was fun to be scrapbooking again and I'm looking forward to seeing what else I learn from this class.

Have any of you signed up for this class too?



  1. Very nice layout, Rhona!! Clean and simple and full of memories. :)

  2. I signed up yesterday, too! Although I don't think I'll make any progress until The Boy Child is back at school. Your page is lovely.

  3. I was sorely tempted to join especially with the special offer but I resisted - it was very hard but I decided it was a want not a need :( Your page is lovely. I like the clean simple look. Lovely photo of Jon, by the way.

  4. There's too much going on here for me to sign up, but Cathy's Design Your Life class at BPC was one of my all-time favorite classes. Her style is definitely my favorite, and your layout is just wonderful.

  5. Love this page, clear, clean and simple....but says it all.