Monday, 1 April 2013

Deb and Carrie come for lunch

On Friday Deb and Carrie (who were here from Arizona) came down to East Grinstead to visit us and have lunch. Claire and Carrie have got to "know" each other through blogs and Facebook and I know Claire was really excited to get to meet both Carrie and Deb in person. Emily knows them through their blogs and also from hearing us talk about them. So, great excitement when Friday finally arrived!
Deb and me
Deb had mentioned before that she liked the look of our town so after Emily and I picked them up from the station we headed into town for a quick sight seeing trip. Our town isn't that big ;) and with the weather as cold as it was, we weren't going to be out for long.
 We walked through St Swithun's church yard where they were able to see the old graveyard and the tomb stones for the East Grinstead martyrs who were burnt at the stake in the market place.
 The High Street in East Grinstead is made up of Tudor properties (some of which can be seen in this photo) which are full of history. If I remember correctly, East Grinstead was the stopping point (about half way) for people travelling from London to the coast in times past.

Our little tour over and we headed to Claire's house and then back here for lunch.
 Our girls 
(Emily, Megan, Claire and Carrie)
 Alice took a shine to Carrie and came to be in the photo too
 Carrie, me and Deb
And one last one to finish (love that wink!)

The afternoon went way too quickly but was great fun. It felt like good friends coming over for lunch and not only the second time we'd met. What a pity we live so far apart but I certainly hope we'll meet again in person one day. 



  1. How lovely for them to see a corner of Old England! Very different to Arizona I bet!

  2. So glad you had a lovely time and the photos are gorgeous of you all x

  3. Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves.

  4. What a special treat for everyone!

  5. Glad you all had such a lovely time - some smashing photos too :-)

  6. Such fun all round. Lovely photos. Isn't it funny how when you meet some people it's as if you have known them forever. Glad it was good all round. Wish I had been there too! Soon.............. xxx

  7. What lovely photos of your town and of the girls. So glad you all had such a fun time and Alice certainly looks happy to be with Carrie.

  8. I am so glad we got to come to your town! It was so cool to see the area and I loved meeting you and your family. Alice is the cutest thing ever and looking back at these pictures makes me so happy!

  9. Aw! I love these photos, Rhona. Thanks so much for your awesome hospitality. Carrie and I loved your town, and we also loved spending time with you and your sweet family. Seeing Alice cuddled up to Carrie warms my heart all over again!

    What a fun day that was!!! xo

  10. So happy to see this post and happy that we got to spend time with Deb and Carrie throughout their stay.