Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Sunday (photo heavy)

Easter Sunday dawned with the clocks having gone forward an hour during the night. It threw me a little bit but we were soon all up and ready for Claire and the girls to come over.  Alice had had an Easter Egg Hunt at home before coming to us so knew what to expect.  She walked in the door and started spotting eggs straight away - no time for Grandma to be there with her camera first, no time to take off coat and shoes, just straight in and find the eggs ;)  It was so sweet to watch her get excited about hunting them out.

 Her little Easter bunny bag to collect the eggs in.
 Aunty Em was happy to be included in the hunting 
 and at times was even allowed to help with getting the eggs.
 Alice would run backwards and forwards putting the eggs in her little bag
 Mini eggs are certainly a favourite :)
 But so were the duck chocolate lollies she got
 Finding some more
 There were a few presents to open too :)
 Showing Mummy her chocolate lolly 
 And the final little Lindt bunny 
 goes into the bag :)
 Once the Easter Egg Hunt was finished, Alice helped to open Megan's presents too. After opening each one she would say "Here's your present Megan!"  and pop it on top of the car seat (where Megan was blissfully unaware of all the madness and mayhem going on around her as she slept through it all).
 A little later, having woken and had a feed, Megan was quite happy to lie on the quilt and get to know her new dolly :)
 She's showing much more interest in everything around her now and we're getting some lovely smiles
 Lots of talking
 And even a few chuckles.

Imagine how different next year will be with two little girls running around collecting eggs :)  I can't wait!! 



  1. Such lovely photos. Memories being built - so special. I want grandchildren, no pressure Kyle and Emma but don't leave it too long......... Love Alice's boots and coat. So looking forward to being with you all soon. Getting excited now!This time in 3 weeks we will have just arrived. Big smiles xxx

  2. What a lovely Easter Alice had and how Megan has grown!

  3. Hi Rhona ~ This post is just so sweet. Seeing photos of your girls on your blog is so different for me now - so much better now that I've had the pleasure of meeting them in person. And it's cool to see your house and know exactly what it's like to be there. :o)

    Aw - makes me kind of sad we can't visit like that all the time! xo

  4. Looks like Alice had a lovely Easter.

  5. Wonderful pictures! Looks like a super Easter!

  6. Love that last photo! Looks like you had a lovely time :-)