Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The decorations are down!

Monday was my first day back at work after Christmas and New Year.  Unfortunately it was also an early start as I went in for 8am to get the meeting room set up for the Monday morning meeting.
Although town was very quiet at that time, there were a few vans parked up already and they were starting to take the street decorations down.
I only work part time, so I'm off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (for now - it may change).  Tuesday being the 6th January and 12 days after Christmas, it was time for me to take our Christmas tree down at home.
 I got the boxes out of the loft but before I took all the decorations off the tree I took a few photos.
 These little elves were in our crackers this year and you can have races with them - I decided they were worth keeping to use again next year ;)
 Last year I had a Holly Angel and this year it was the Red & Pearl Angel.  They're so pretty when they catch the light.

 This little reindeer from Claire is quite different and looked cheerful on the tree.
 This is one of my oldest ornaments.  He was bought when I went to Denmark & Sweden in 1984 and we went to a Christmas market.  As you can see he's lost his little poles but he still gets hung on the tree every year :)
 The tree looked so bare with all the ornaments off it.  Just the lights to take down.
 Packing it all away.
And totally unrelated - the clouds behind the houses looked beautiful as the sun started going down.  I was pleased that I was able to capture it before it changed again.

Are you all caught up with household chores, washing, etc. after Christmas?  I wish I could say I am but instead I'll say I'm still working on it! ;)


  1. Our christmas is packed away as well. Love your reindeer decoration.

  2. Beautiful photos in this post, Rhona! A love the one with those cute little elves!

  3. Yes Christmas was packed away on Sunday. Love the idea of racing elves. Will have to look out for those next year.

  4. Some lovely decorations there, I especially like the angel, so delicate and pretty.

  5. Christmas is waiting to be packed away when we get home next week. Those elves are adorable.