Thursday, 8 March 2007

Charlie, Daffodils & Scrapbooking

We got Charlie from the Cat Protection Centre last August and he is now quite settled at home. Right from when we got him he took to sitting on my knee when I was working on the computer. He had fun trying to chase the mouse across the screen. Now that he's a bit bigger, chasing the mouse on the screen causes no problem but he hits keys which change whatever I'm busy with! I managed to get this photo of him while he was sitting on my knee earlier.

The next photo is for Shannon, who would like to see daffodils. Unfortunately my daffodils aren't doing much yet, but I do have this very small clump beneath my kitchen window. Hope they'll do for now and I'll try and post again when we have more.

Finally, what have I been up to today? I hear you ask! Well, a quick trip to Sainsbury's after dropping the girls at school, round to Mum and Dad's to drop off some shopping and then home to do the ironing and hoover downstairs. Sounds exciting doesn't it!! The next part was more fun. Remember the papers from my post yesterday? I got to play with them today! I made another few layouts to go into the Chicago scrapbook. (Emily and I went to stay with Simon and Liz in Chicago last summer and I'm only now getting round to doing the scrapbook). Won't be too long and it'll be finished.

I'm not very tidy when I scrapbook, the kitchen table is soon covered with all my bits and pieces.

The title page

A sample of the centre pages. This book is very simple and bright and packed with happy memories of our holiday.
Well, tomorrow is Friday and we're all looking forward to it. The weekend will be fairly busy but I just look forward to not having to get up early. =o)
Have a good evening


  1. Good morning Rhona. I have the three blogs now on my desktop so more to check eack morning. Like Charlies pictures, he has grown a lot. See you later

  2. Thank you for the daffodils!! I love them. I have a few out front that I just discovered but they have yet to bloom. That is the best thing about having a new never know what is going to pop up!! Love the look of your scrapbook, you do such a great job at that! (which reminds me, I still owe you some pictures of the album you made me!)
    Love, Shannon