Saturday, 31 March 2007


The Easter holidays have started and we're looking forward to a couple of fairly relaxing weeks. Today I took Faith home to Beckenham and Mum, Dad and Emily came with me. Iain and Louise are getting themselves sorted out ready for the move at the end of April. They had sorted through all their books and DVDs and asked if we'd like to come and see if there was anything we wanted before they open them to other people or take what remains to a charity shop.

Mum and Dad found some books to keep them going and we picked up a few DVDs to watch during the holidays. It was worth the trip up to Beckenham. Faith will be coming back tomorrow to spend the first week of the holidays with us.

While we were there I tried to get a few pictures of Emily.
She has to be in the mood to have her photo taken and when she starts looking at me like this, it's about time to stop!

Have a good weekend

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  1. Thanks for taking us to Iain and Louise's. It certainly was worthwhile. Strange to think that that was probably the last time we would be in that house.
    I tried to photograph Emily too but she became camera-shy! xxx