Friday, 1 June 2007

Old friends

Second post today - only because I didn't post the pics from yesterday last night!
Today I went to Lower Dicker to meet an old school friend of mine. I think the last time we met up was probably about 5 years ago - so silly because we don't live that far apart! It was great catching up with news and we've said we won't leave it so long next time .... hmm!!
Lynda and I both went to Westville Girls High in South Africa and both live in England now - I live in West Sussex and Lynda lives in East Sussex (about an hour and a half apart). It's a small world.
Have a good weekend.


  1. Good to see Linda again. How the years have passed since your schooldays in South Africa. You are both looking good. xxxx

  2. Hi! I was going to answer your question but for some reason Blogger doesn't send email addy's when it sends me comments... weird. Anyway, those hearts... I actually used my little X xyron machine to get the adhesive on there... it goes on evenly so it doesn't look like you actually see it. Hope that helps! :-)