Thursday, 7 June 2007

Happy Anniversary

This post should have gone up yesterday but, unfortunately, my computer was down and Jon wasn't home to sort it out.

Happy 54th wedding anniversary to Mum and Dad. When I tell people how long you've been married they all go - WOW! I really enjoyed spending the morning with both of you and I hope there will be many more anniversaries to share.
The other anniversary was Hugh & Sarah's one year going out together anniversary, which was last Saturday. We were round at Iain and Louise's and I managed to get this photo before they left to go to movies.

We have another house viewing tomorrow so I had better try and get it into shape.

Take care


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  1. Thank you Rhona, I really like the photographs. Two Anniversaries - the 'oldies' and the 'young ones'. We had such a lovely day . xxxxx