Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tuesday ....

I can't believe how quickly the month is going, nearly half way through already. I keep thinking that I'm not doing to badly with keeping the blog up to date until I realise another 4 days have passed.

Today Dad came round to do some work on our little front flower border to help the house have more kerb appeal. Thank you Dad, much appreciated.

This afternoon Claire, the hairdresser, came round to cut Emily's hair (and I ended up having mine cut as well). Claire's son Braydon comes with her most times and today I managed to get a few shots of him until he decided enough was enough and ran away ;)

Here are my three favourites.
I'll be popping these in the post to his Mum =)

Take care

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  1. These are good Rhona, Well done, it's nice to see your photographs, I keep looking for more. See you soon. xxxx