Thursday, 25 September 2008

It's the 25th!

Time to "Scrap Your Day" - a peek into the everyday life, a reminder of the day to day things we do. I thought this month I'd share some of my photos with you. First up, Wickenden's Sweet Shop - a traditional sweet shop we have in East Grinstead, sweets in jars on shelves, huge choices to be made ;o) Every Saturday we come to Wickendens to get sweets to have while watching Saturday night TV/DVD's. Our little tradition. I got to walk into town with this little man. Our next door neighbours are moving tomorrow so William and I took a little walk into town and left his Mum & Dad to carry on packing up. We'll be really sorry to see them go. We popped in to see Hugh at work and managed to get a couple of photos, one with his co-worker, Julie. Thursday is the Farmer's Market in town. I went to the fruit and veg stall to buy some vegetables to make soup.
Said soup! I just put whatever I had in it. In this case it was tomatoes (home grown), onions, leeks, red pepper, butternut and carrots with some vegetable stock. Tasted good!! We got to watch Made of Honour tonight. It was fun - Patrick Dempsey's in it, I'd watch it just for that ;o) My scrapbooking supplies - still on the table as I do my daily layouts for Shimelle's class (I still need to finish off another couple) Still managing to get washing on the line. Sun was out again today and the washing did dry before I brought it in - even the towels.
Random photo of some of our homegrown tomatoes on top of the wine rack with other bits and bobs. The van moving off from next door and the Sold sign outside their house. We'll keep in touch and they've invited us to go and visit - I've never been to Cambridge! Emily has guitar lessons on a Thursday afternoon - photo taken as she went in. And finally, I had my Rooibos tea out of this mug tonight - isn't it CUTE!!!! When I took Dad to the hospital for his appointment yesterday I popped into the hospital shop to get some throat sweets and spotted this!! I couldn't leave it sitting there, had to have it. LOVE polka dots!!!! No photos of old/new glasses because I'm too vain. I have a stinking cold at the moment and my nose looks puffy and red from all the blowing. I don't need those sort of photos on my blog (hehe!) - I'll get photos taken and posted when I look more human!
Hope you've all had a good 25th of the month.
Heading off to bed shortly, have a good evening!


  1. What lovely photos! Your soup looks delicious! (ah, a use for a leek!) I absolutely LOVE that new mug!! Hope you're feeling better soon, Rhona!

  2. Now that is a nice newsy blog. You do fit a lot into your day Rhona and I love your photographs.Keep it up!
    Love, Mum xxx

  3. Your day and photo are soo much nicer than mine!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I get the Scarlet Lime kit sent directly to me each month from the US