Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wednesday again!

Another busy morning. Had to go to Waitrose first thing and then shoot out to Lingfield to go to the Craft Barn to try and get some more paper for the class layouts (but they didn't have the same colours :o( ). Went to the Doctor's to put in Jon's repeat prescription and then went to the hospital to give Debbie (Jon's sister) her birthday present. This left me with about half an hour until I needed to pick up Dad to take him for his hospital appointment. When I got home, however, there was a message telling me that my new glasses were in the store. Being the impatient person I am, I dashed into town to go and pick them up and have the fitting checked and still made it to get Dad on time (just!)
We found our way to the hospital and had left more than enough time for getting there. For once Dad was called in on time and we were finished before 1pm. Mum and Dad suggested stopping for lunch at Chequer Mead, hadn't been there for a while and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a jacket potato with tuna mayo and it was delicious. Should have taken a photo - but I didn't. Not doing very well at taking photos at the moment; will have to try harder!
Got home just before Emily and I've changed into my new glasses because my eyes were drying out with my lenses in. I've been taking Lemsip Max for a cold and, as well as drying up my nose, they seem to dry out my eyes. The new glasses are soooooooooooo much better - I can see again!! Now I've just got to get used to what I look like wearing them as they're very different to my old ones. I'll have to get old glasses/new glasses photos and then you can see what I mean. Just don't tell me you don't like the new ones because I'll cry!!! ;o) I'll work on getting those photos for tomorrow.
For today, a few more layouts. The ones with hand writing around the photos (because I couldn't work out how to do the typing around them - if anyone knows how I do this so it goes round like the handwriting, please let me know!!) are not complete yet, I'm waiting for a brown pen and I'll go over the writing when it arrives.
Sketch 11

Sketch 21

Sketch 22

All for now, I'll try and remember to update after weight watchers - if I've lost anything this week ;o)


UPDATE: Back from Weight Watchers and I've lost another pound this week, brings the total to 16 pounds so far (and no weight gains in the 10 weeks I've been doing it - yippee!!)


  1. Like the layouts Rhona. It certainly has been a busy week especially for you. What would we do without your help in ferrying us around? I'm not used to being out and about on three consecutive days so, after we got home this afternoon, I was using my computer when I was startled by Dad coming to see if I was OK. I had fallen asleep over the keyboard and when he woke me up it was after 5.30pm.!!! Needless to say I had a very stiff neck and shoulder. Just glad you weren't there with your camera or you could have had a photo of me to put beside Tom's big yawn!
    Love, Mum xxx

  2. Hi Rhona, well done on the weight loss - you're doing fantastically well. About the writing. I am sure I read up about it when I was at your house. As far as I can remember you use text boxes and do each one seperately then place them where you want them on your LO. Looking forward to seeing your new glasses. We had a holiday yesterday so no school. Cinderella Ball tonight. Will have to get photos of that! Have a goos day. LOL Norma xxx

  3. OOPS! Sorry that should have read have a good day :)