Sunday, 7 September 2008

A reply and layout 6

We're having a very quiet day today, the "children" (think I may have to start calling them the "young adults") are all doing their own things - Hugh's on the Xbox360, Claire's gone to Caffe Nero with friends and Emily is on her computer. Jon is playing pool and I've just finished my next layout for Shimelle's class :)

As you can see, I've kept it very simple and my text refers to my post yesterday!! Did you guess that one already - were the flowers in the church a give away??? Lol!!! I'm going to have to ask when the wedding actually was, next time I see her! (I see I've managed to chop off a little bit of the layout - the inking goes all the way around the edge.)

This next part is for Judi W who left this post for me : "Hi Rhona, Judi from Central Alberta, Canada presently in Dawson Creek British Columbia the next province over. (My challenge to you &/or your girls is to find it on a map.) DH works away from home and I'm up here staying with him until end of Sept when we'll take our RV trailer home. I'm in Shimelle's LSNE class as well and found your blog link from there. It's truly amazing to be taking a class with women from all over the world. We're all unique and yet have so much in common. Bye"

First of all, thank you Judi, for leaving me a post - I love finding out who's reading the blog.

I have spent part of this morning looking up where Dawson Creek is and can now pinpoint it on the map (but don't know how to add it here). I also read up a little bit about this "small city", as they call it. It seems to me that one of the major things about it is the fact that it is "Mile 0" on Alaska Highway - in other words, at the beginning of the Alaska Highway. Have you been to have your photo taken next to the flags at the start of the highway? I also know it sits below Taylor and above Pouce Coupe. I checked out Central Alberta while I was at it and could now put them on the map of Canada. My nephew and his family live in Vancouver and I have a cousin who lives in Saskatchewan; I now know you are roughly north east of Vancouver and to the west of Saskatchewan. Thanks for the Geography lesson this morning, I had fun with it! :) I had wondered if this Dawson Creek was the same as Dawson Creek the TV series but, having looked it up, I see I'm way off track with that one as it was actually set in the fictional town of Capeside, MA. So, I've learnt some new things today!

Think that's all for now, enjoy what's left of the weekend.



  1. Sounds like you are having a peaceful Sunday around your house, Rhona! And congratulations on hearing from one of your newbies! :o) I'm curious to know when the wedding actually was too. Be sure to let us know! LOL

  2. Enjoyed your blog, Rhona. It really is a small world when one can take classes with others who are thousands of miles away. What a good idea to have one look for places on a map, then the location will stick in your mind. Love, Mum. xxx