Saturday, 6 September 2008

What IS going on .....

... with the weather! We are having such heavy downpours one minute and then it clears for a short while before the next one hits - horrid!! Feels like winter, I've had cold hands all day!
However, that didn't stop Emily and me from going into town. A lady I know, had told me she was getting married in the local church today at 12 o'clock ...
I had, half jokingly, told her that I was going to come and stand outside the church so that I could see her. She said she'd love it and why didn't I come into the church. I decided against the latter but, seeing as I had said I may go, decided to turn up so she could see I was there. We got into town just before 12 and made our way to the church. It was awfully quiet! We decided to wait a little while and see if she arrived.
Took the above photo of the church tower and the one below, of Emily. (It had just started raining so she put her hood up - but soon had to put on her jacket as the next downpour hit.)
Still no sign of any guests or the bride. Took a couple of photos of the flowers inside the entrance to the church
and then decided to make our way back into town for a bite to eat and to get the sweets for Emily's Saturday night viewing (and sometimes mine!). We thought perhaps the wedding was at 12.30pm but making our way back again proved that wasn't the case. I don't know where I got the time from (or maybe even the date???) but can you guess what my layout for tomorrow might be?? You better check back tomorrow and see if you were right.
A quick visit to Marc and Ali's - where Emily got a slice of birthday cake - and then we headed home again. I started making my layout and have just finished it and photographed it, so you can see it below.
Hope you got to do the things you planned to, today!


  1. Maybe I should start planning my days and then I would have something to do. Most days are just the same , dull and uninteresting, except when I go out with you Rhona. Still, I do get through lots of books when the weather is so dismal.I wonder what happened to the wedding???
    Love, Mum xxx

  2. Very strange to not be at your own wedding!!! Can't wait to hear what happened..... Nice LO again - Hugh looking very serious. Beautiful weather herre today after hectic winds on friday. Enjoy rest of w/end. LOL Norma xxxxx