Friday, 5 September 2008

Today's layout and sickness in the house

Perhaps I should go back to Wednesday for this post. That was the day when Jon woke up not feeling well - severe headache, nausea and upset tummy. He made it in to work but was home again around lunch time. He was in bed Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and this morning; finally getting up around lunch time today but still not feeling wonderful. Unfortunately, yesterday when Emily got home from school she had a blinding headache. I gave her medicine when she got in and again before she went to bed - thought she may just be tired and would sleep it off. Oh no, this morning she came down when I called, went through the motions - breakfast, getting dressed, etc. but by the time I went up to see if she was ready to leave, she was as white as a sheet and really not feeling well. The headache hadn't gone and she was quite weepy (and worried because it was only her second day at the school!). I decided to keep her at home and she has been given medicine every 4 hours but the headache hasn't gone yet. Not what we needed for the start of a new term :o( - I'm hoping they'll both be feeling better by Monday! I did take Hugh out for some driving practice this morning. Had a few things to do in town so he got to drive to each place and then home again. His test is on 14 October and he needs to get in as much practice as possible. I'm not good at going out on the road with learner drivers but, I have to admit, he has improved since I last went in the car with him. Must be a good sign ;o) When I got up this morning, I noticed that my ring finger on my right hand had a big red band on the front, where my ring normally sits. Jon bought me this particular ring years ago and I've worn it every day since and never had a problem. Today, there was a problem! I popped into Boots to see if they could shed any light on it; we are putting it down to a reaction to something that might have got under the ring. I've got some hydrocortisone cream to put on it and hopefully it'll heal quickly and I can go back to wearing my ring again. Very strange! For today's picture, my layout of the day. The photo is the one I took of Emily yesterday morning (we do a layout of something from the day before - make sense?). To end - "Thank You" to the three people who posted messages yesterday (my Mum, my sister and a friend - haha!!). No one new prepared to risk it?? Maybe today??

Have a lovely weekend and I hope you all stay healthy and bug free



  1. Oh dear, nasty bugs around again. I do hope Jon and Emily will soon feel better.I think everyone hoped that we would have a good summer to get rid of all the bugs but I guess that was too much to ask. I had a letter from our doctor this week reminding me that the 'flu injection is available so I shall make an appointment for my yearly jab. I'm enjoying your layouts Rhona, keep them coming. Love, Mum xxx

  2. Oh sorry to hear about not feeling well - hope they are better soon!

    Nice layout! Pretty!

    Love the new b/g on your blog!

  3. We've also got a sick person in the house. Ciaran came home early from work last night and this morning went to the doctor. He has got flu. There is a nasty flu going around here at the moment. Hope we don't catch it. Hope Jon and Emma feel a lot better soon. I like the LO. LOL
    Norma xxx

  4. Me again!
    Meant to say, I like your border around all your photos. Looks very neat and professional!Your BLOG really looks lovely. Well done.
    N. xx