Saturday, 25 October 2008

25th October

It's that time of month again - the 25th - scrap your day! So, lots of random photos about what we've done today. Nothing terribly exciting, just everyday stuff. Not wonderful professional photos - some are a bit blurred (because I wasn't wearing my glasses to focus!!) but they're today!
First up, my morning routine. I always get up and have a shower, do my make up and then come downstairs and dry my hair before I do anything else. Excuse the scarey expression!! Emily is usually up around the same time as me - or even earlier! Here she had just come downstairs after getting dressed and was looking for a programme on TV.
Next up I tend to check my emails and see if anyone's actually looked at my blog ;o) In this photo Claire was actually showing me how to do a print screen and get the sample colours on Cathy's class notes to use on layouts. Thank goodness I have people who know more about computers than I do and who can teach me what I need to know!
Emails and web pages checked and it's time for breakfast. Still trying to stick to weight watchers (though not very successfully today - the start was good and then it went downhill!). Special K with some tinned fruit cocktail and soya milk.
A little bit later; time for a cup of Rooibos (redbush) tea. Love it! Because it was colder today I've probably had about 5 cups through the day. Love pretty mugs too!
The view from our back doorstep. The acer at the bottom of the garden is turning a beautiful red at the top. I love acers and enjoy seeing the different seasons from the doorstep. Love our little garden, it's south facing, quite private and there's just something about it that makes me happy! It was one of the selling points when buying this house as far as I was concerned, I could picture myself sitting on the top step with a cup of tea and I was right - it's something I've done numerous times since we moved in here 10 months ago.
Tom eating - again! I'm sure anytime anyone walks into the kitchen, Tom comes running for food. He doesn't always get it but we have to give him 10/10 for trying (and being annoying!)
Another shot of my computer - this time Jon was working out how I download fonts on to it. I haven't got the hang of Vista yet and things that I used to be able to do without a problem aren't always that easy any more. I think I can do this one now! Thank you darling!!
Claire decided today was washing day. It's not really the weather for hanging out clothes at the moment, and I'm trying not to use the tumble drier all the time, so she's hanging some shirts up to dry. I love the fact that she now does her own laundry - thank you Claire!! xxx
Lunch time and I'd promised Emily I'd take her to Starburger. This is no fancy restaurant but the food is good and the chips are some of the best in town. My favourite lunch there, at the moment, is the spicy chicken wrap. Very Yummy!! Emily tends to have chicken nuggets and chips.
After lunch we had a little bit of birthday shopping to do before making our way back up to Wickendens Sweet Shop (above). All those jars in the window on the left are full of sweets. We love this shop, it's a real sweet shop with shelves full of jars of sweets. Anyone coming to East Grinstead seems to go in to buy sweets of some sort. We go every Saturday to get sweets to have while watching tv. The guy that owns the shop always asks Emily how much they're going to cost and she now works it out before going up to the counter - great for her mental maths! If she's got it right, he'll often throw in an extra rainbow strip for her.
I had to add this photo of Cafe Nero's - we didn't actually go in today but because I seem to be forever saying I've been there for coffee, I thought I would add a photo regardless.
Later this afternoon, this is what my scrapbooking table looked like. I was working on the Real Life Colour layout for class this week and, as normal, my desk ended up a total tip! I haven't got round to clearing it yet but will have to tomorrow morning before I start doing anything else.
A shot of the tv in the kitchen which had Strictly Come Dancing on in the background while I finished off some work on the computer.
Last, but not least, the layout I did today. The colours aren't necessarily ones I would normally put together but that's part of the challenge. This week it was a mustard colour, darker and lighter greens, brown and red. I managed to use them all but I'm not sure if I'm happy with the finished result yet. Still feel it may need another something under the circle with the heart but don't know what yet. Any suggestions or shall I leave it as is?
Thanks for stopping by to have a look. Enjoy the rest of the weekend


  1. You are so much better at taking 25th pics than me, I just keep forgetting!

  2. What a lovely informative series of photographs and journalling of a day in your life. I had not really thought about taking photographs of MY day, but then it would probably be quite boring.
    Love, Mum xx
    PS Happy Birthday to Jon. xx

  3. The l/o looks cool - you did a good job w/ the colors. Good job on 25th, my photos are lacking this time round, wasn't on the up & up! :(