Sunday, 26 October 2008

Jon's birthday

Today was Jon's birthday. It was also the day the clocks went back so he got to have a bit of a lie in. When he came downstairs we did the usual present opening. Nothing too exciting this year - more things that he needed rather than wanted. Some new clothes and new shoes
Emily got him The Incredible Hulk DVD - can that be called light relief??
We arranged to go to Wetherspoons for lunch and invited family members to come and join us. I think we had a table of about 21 in the end. The food was good and it was nice to get a chance to see some of the family we don't see as often. (Sorry the photos are so grainy, I bumped the ISO up to 1600 because of the light but unfortunately you can see it. Anyone with tips for shooting dark indoor shots, please let me know!)
Will, Theresa and Tyler were there but Tyler wasn't so keen on having his photo taken today. We think he may be teething!
Looking down the table
The birthday boy! Happy Birthday Jon xxx
Kyle and Emma recently moved into a house together so we'll be going for afternoon tea next week ;o) Also thought you would like to see your eldest son, Norma!
Jon's sister Debbie and her husband, Dave
A rare photo of myself. Anyone who knows me knows I hate having my photo taken but on rare occasions I do give the camera to someone else.
I did get to do some scrapbooking before we went out for lunch but I haven't put the photos on the pages yet or got everyone to write their little bit on their pages. This is also from the DYL class and we're making a mini album to go in the main album. I've done the basic layouts but just need to finish them off. Hoping I might get that done tomorrow.
Hope you've all had a good weekend and are ready to face the new week. Emily's on half term now so I'm looking forward to not having to get up at 6am.


  1. Good morning Rhona :) Thanks for your help yesterday. I have ordered new paper from Joanna who has her own business and delivers to me at school and is much cheaper than the shops!!!Lucky I got a bonus this month so can afford to buy now. Thank you for letting me see MY Boy:) Gosh, he sure has grown up a lot and his hair is much longer.Your LO of Remember is lovely. I must post mine today if I get a chance - meetings ! Must go . Please tell Jon Happy Birthday for yesterday. I lost track of the date - I am so sorry. Enjoy half term. Talk to you soon.
    LOL N xxx

  2. Thank you Rhona and Jon for arranging a 'Birthday get-together' for the family. We had a lovely time and it was good to celebrate with Jon. Nice photographs of Jon with his presents.
    Love, Mum xxx

  3. Happy birthday to Jon! That looked like a nice dinner with that big crowd there! Great pic of you, Rhona! :o)

    We are a week behind you in the States as far as setting our clocks back. It used to be the week before Halloween, but they recently changed it. It's nice that the kids will have a wee bit more light than normal when trick-or-treating!