Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Before and After

This is what my table looked like after a few days of scrapbooking ;o)

I decided if I wanted to do any more layouts it might help if I could find things so I had a quick tidy up yesterday and it's now looking like this :o)

I must be one of the messiest scrappers around but it's just the way I work. Always enjoy it when it's tidy again and ready for me to mess up once more!



  1. Not at all - you should see my table and the floor and any other surface I can find. I am a very messy scraper/cardmaker etc. I always love it after I have had a tidy up but it never stays that way for long!

  2. Oh dear! I'm afraid you take after your mother!
    Love and apologies,
    Mum, xxx

  3. I enjoyed looking through your blog. I love all your layouts for Cathy's class. I need to post the last two on my blog. I got them up on the site. I'm struggling to get good photos, too. And you should have seen my desk (and floor) this weekend! You could barely step into my tiny room! Today I decided to do a BIG clean and had things spread out in two rooms. Just one big pile left.