Monday, 6 October 2008

I never know what to call these posts!

One thing I don't enjoy about blogging is trying to decide what title to give the posts! I certainly don't come up with catchy ones and I'm sure everyone would soon get bored if I put Monday, Tuesday, etc every week. Maybe I should just put the date? I'll persevere and see how I go!
So, today I've taken a few photos while we were out and about. As you know, Emily had the day off so we didn't have to rush in the morning. This photo was taken soon after I came downstairs this morning. Lovely and sunny and not too cold, just the way I like to start the day.
We went into town just after 10am to get a few bits. I had a contact lens check up to go to for the new lenses I was trying out. They seem to have settled well so I was able to sort out my reading glasses to wear with them. Hope to pick them up in a week or so.
A photo of London Road, East Grinstead (unfortunately, the truck blocks off a bit of the shop frontage!) We have a lot of history in the town and some lovely Tudor buildings.

Emily had art homework, which involved going to the local community centre (Chequer Mead) to see an exhibition of art work done by the GCSE and A Level students from her school. We picked Jake up on our way and went and had lunch at Chequer Mead before going into the exhibition. What a fun lunch, I love how Emily and her friends are at an age now where they quite enjoy having more "adult" conversations with us and they bring a fun element into them as well. We were joined towards the end of lunch by Elliott and his mum, Carol. Emily, Jake and Elliott have been friends since they started school together and they still get on really well. I hope Emily will keep both of them as friends as she goes through Senior School.

As for the art exhibition, there was some impressive work on show. These children obviously have to put a lot of time and effort into their coursework. I took a few photos so you could also have a peek.

Emily enjoys drawing Manga and she liked this collage.
The long picture at the bottom had some interesting detail added to it. The water in this picture of the pier is brilliant. It was one of the pictures that caught my eye when we went in. Another one that I kept being drawn back to.


As we were leaving, a photo of Elliott, Emily, Carol and Jake. Not sure how Jake thought he wouldn't be in the photo :o)

Finally my photo of the bonus layout for Cathy's class which I said I would post today. For this we were given a colour palette to try and use. I used most of the colours - think the yellow was the only one left out.

That's all for now.



  1. Love your LO. I have paper that goes with your pp but not the circles although have another very similar. Love that photo of Hugh. So him! LOL N xxx

  2. cwI had to study the photograph of London Road as it is an unusual angle. We are so inclined to walk through town without paying too much attention to the buildings but just taking a few minutes to stop and really LOOK can make one notice previously hidden gems.
    There are some really talented young people in the schools, judging by the art work at Chequer Mead. Love, Mum xxx

  3. Sounds like fun day! Cool art work! Nice job on the layout! Like how you reversed it!