Saturday, 4 October 2008

A long weekend

I'll start where I left off. On Thursday afternoon Emily finished school slightly earlier than normal. It was Open Night on Thursday night and the school closed early to get everything ready. Needless to say, the children don't complain! However, when Emily got home on Thursday her foot looked like this > The nurse at school had bandaged it up after Emily's foot got caught while she was walking down some stairs. The nurse felt that she had probably sprained her ankle and strapped it up. This had happened on the way to Music and before Emily had been due to take part in a rugby lesson organised by the local rugby club. I don't think she minded missing out on that, but it has slowed her down somewhat. We took the bandage off this evening and will see how she gets on tomorrow. Fortunately, she had an inset day on Friday and has another one on Monday so we have a long weekend and, hopefully, the ankle will be feeling a bit better by Tuesday. This afternoon I started on the first layout for Cathy's class. We had to use an 11" x 7.5" photo - something I don't often use but this photo has been one of my favourites and I like the way the layout has turned out. I wish I could say that it all just came together quickly but I kept changing my mind and it was a couple of hours before it felt right! The journaling reads: Chicago - Summer 2006 The weather was beautiful and afternoons were spent in the pond. As you and Henry walked down the garden, Caesar, Amber and Miller would follow you and stay at the pond - watching over you and making sure you were safe.

I'm hoping to make a start on the other layouts for this week tomorrow and will share when they are complete.

Hope you are having a good weekend



  1. Poor Emily, she never has liked s
    stairs. Hope it soon feels better.
    Love Mum/Grandma xxx

  2. Hope the foot gets better quickly - enjoy the long weekend! LOL N xxx

  3. Oh, bummer on the foot. Hope she feels better soon. Great take on the layout! Cute pics! And how cool you're in this class too! :)

  4. what gorgeous dogs they are!!! possible I could be a little biased, the kids are fantastic too!! was that really two years ago??? wish you could come visit again.