Thursday, 2 October 2008

A quick catch-up

After reading Nichol's blog and seeing how she used white embossing powder to get white stamped images I decided I would like to give it a try. So, on Tuesday morning, Mum and I went out to The Craft Barn so I could get some white embossing powder. Only problem is that I now can't find my stamps to be able to play! I know they're in the boxes somewhere, but where is another story. Oh well, the powder is here when I do find them.
Inside The Craft Barn The fountain (and fish) at the entrance to the shop After we'd finished shopping we went round to Best Wishes for a coffee. This is such a quaint tea room with lots of little nooks inside.
On Wednesday I was feeling the full effect of this head cold I've had for the past week. So, with nothing planned, I had a blobby day, sat on the sofa and watched the first couple of DVDs of Grey's Anatomy which had come in the post from America on Tuesday. Bliss!!! I stopped to make lunch and dinner but spent the rest of the day getting my fix! It must have done the trick as I feel a lot better today!
After meeting friends for coffee at Nero's this morning, going to Connexions with Claire and running a couple of errands, I had a chance to catch up and finish the last three pages for Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday class. So glad I kept up with this one and have an album of reminders/lessons taken from our everyday lives. Thanks Shimelle!! Sketch 28 Sketch 29 Sketch 30 Cathy's class started over at Big Picture Scrapbooking today and I'm looking forward to making a start on the first layout for that. Have my photos printed out now I just need to get back to the table and get started. Norma, are you ready to get started as well? How many of you will be joining in with this class? Drop me a line and let me know so I can look out for you :o) xx


  1. Rhona, my stamps are always available for you so come and have a browse. I tried out the embossing powder this afternoon and it works beautifully.
    I do enjoy looking at your photographs and I rather like that one of Emily.

    Love, Mum xxx

  2. Hi Rhona,

    Ready to start but feeling a bit nervous! My photos are not that great but am going to use them anyway. Still trying to catch up on Shimelle - only half way and making up my own thing, not necessarily learn something new every day. Please check Hotmail am sending you a message.