Wednesday, 22 October 2008


I'm having a much quieter week this week. Had planned on doing my ironing this morning but, somehow, that didn't happen. Instead I made a layout, using some older photos of Emily, before popping down to Mum and Dad's for coffee. Iain arrived with Pumpkin Pie (which was very tasty) so I'm not really expecting to lose any weight tonight :o( We had a good time chatting and before I knew it it was after 12 o'clock.
Back home, I continued looking through some of the older photos and decided to do another layout about a day in Brighton. It's now 3.20pm and the day is disappearing fast! Here are the layouts
I've probably spent more time than I should have scrapbooking so time to go and do some other things. xx


  1. Way to go Rhona. LO's are lovely. I managed to finish my RWC one last night. Should have been marking books but just heard my name being called by the poor photos sitting patiently waiting to be scrapped! Waht can you do? Will tell you when I post it. Have to photograph it but my memory card is playing up. Have a good day. LOL N xxx

  2. Margaret Stevenson Jeffrey23 October 2008 at 16:05

    Hope the 'pep talk' you gave me gets me going but, as you saw, I'll have to start off by putting my stock of paper and card into some semblance of order! I look at your layouts and sigh with envy. I can just imagine Norma saying " Mum, haven't you done anything since I last saw you?" ( That was at Easter!!) Ah well, one can but hope. Love, mum xxx

  3. More lovely layouts. I especially like the second one. I'm in the same boat as you are for this week's assignment. I emailed my daughter and her husband for their 5 words. My son is coming home for the weekend so I'll catch him then. Those pages should be fun. I have lots of old photos to go through, but I'm finding it hard to find ones that crop to the correct size. Have to say I'm loving this course. I'd like to get a few more done for each week to "cover" the back sides of the layouts!

  4. I really like the Emily and Elliot LO. Brings back memories. The colours look great too! I took photos of my Gr 1 teachers today.Let's hope they all turn out OK. 4 of them pus me and I've got my Gimme 5. Would love to do us as children and now. Think that would work well. Mom, how about you do that. Get Rhona to give you what you need and use that as a way to get going again. No excuses! Rhona , I rely on you to sort Mum out :) LOL N xxx