Monday, 20 October 2008

Brave Girls!

Claire had had an appointment through to go and have her MMR booster this afternoon. When she had her first MMR jab they only did it once but they've now decided that those people need to have a booster shot. Emily has never had the MMR (I wouldn't let her have it, with all the controversy around the time she was due to have it). Anyway, Emily came with me and I chatted to the nurse about her getting vacinated now because she had decided she wanted to get it done. What we didn't expect was for the nurse to say "Ok, let's do it today!". Yup, both girls had MMR vacines today! They were very brave but said it was quite painful and their arms were sore afterwards. However, by the time Emily went up to bed she said it wasn't so sore anymore and she didn't want any paracetamol - so that's good!
Anyone who knows me, knows I don't do sympathy very well. I'm one of those Mum's who laughs when the children fall over (unless it's serious!). My children all know if they want sympathy, they go to Dad. So, what was the first thing we did when we got back from the Doctors .... take photos!! I know that's probably not what the girls wanted (hence the hamming for the camera ;oP ) but here is one for the blog (photo isn't brilliant as I had to use flash inside!)
Emily has to go back for her booster shot in January and, in the meantime, I'm hoping they don't get any side effects. xx


  1. Aw, how sweet! They look like little girls with those expressions on their faces! They were quite brave! :o)

  2. Ouch! Poor girls. Good news is the pain does not last forever. I'm like you Rhona. Don't do the sympathy thing well. Have a good day. LOL N xxx

  3. Brave girls! The 'tea and sympathy' will have to come from Grandma. Lots of love from Grandma. xxxx