Monday, 20 October 2008

Week 3 Sketch 3 RWC

After Emily left for school this morning I had to get stuck in and do this final layout for the Design Your Life week. The colours we were given this week were Red, Lime Green, White and Grey. Last night I had printed out the photos I thought I could use for it and I am really happy with the way it turned out. I've always liked these photos of Hugh on his 16th birthday and now I've finally got to use them.I was slightly late picking Mum up to go shopping but I'm so glad I got it finished. The green isn't showing up properly in this photo but you can get the idea. Journalling reads: You asked for a BMX for your 16th birthday and got to choose which one you wanted. You enjoyed showing it to Max and Faith when they came down from London for your birthday. It wasn’t long before you wanted to show them what your bike could do and had them all coming down the driveway at the front of the house. The others made do with skateboards but you were out front on your BMX. Good times! Photos 06/2004 /Journaling 10/2008 xx

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  1. Happened to see this LO in the Gallery and liked the look of it. Got a big surprise when I saw Hugh in the photos 'cos I hadn't looked to see whose LO it was. Love the way it turned out. It looks really good. I took photos of my two playing x-box to use for mine. Still have to do it though! LOL N xxx